I’ve seen a couple people talk about the ‘wussification’ of Toki Wartooth, especially after Dethcamp. However, I believe that Toki’s character isn’t being exaggerated or poorly handled. We’re seeing the results of one of the most tragic and fascinating elements of

sorry to hop onto this, but i think its relevant.

everyone likes to talk about ‘dethklok are all assholes’ ‘jerks’ ‘mean’ and ‘stupid’

I work for the veterans association in the US, i deal with vets from recent war and also way the fuck back to vietnam.

Dethklok, ALL of them, are *classic* cases of PTSD. Seriously.

You might say ‘oh, Charlie, why would they have ptsd? they arent in war, they are krillionaires, what do they have to be stressed about?’

Well, how about Nathan, who saw his entire elementary school class slaugthered before his eyes? yeah, 20-30 years SOUNDS like more than enough time to ‘get over that’, but *really*? That fucked him up EARLY. Less tragic things with less deth happens to people in real life and the people that suffer from them would give anythign to be as well adjusted as Nathan.

How about Muderfaces’ parents’ murder-suicide via chainsaw? Yes, he was a baby at the time, but would that seriously make it *better*? When Twinkletits got him to talk about it Murderface wet himself. He REMEMBERS that happening, nearly 40 years later. He would remember that his ENTIRE life. Twinkletits didnt do some ‘lets get into that repressed memory’ hijinks, he just said ‘tell me a story about william when he was a baby’ and murderface was INSTANTLY trapped in that memory.

I dont have to say anything about Toki, do I? Have you SEEN his childhood? The only vets i deal with with anything similar are POWs and TRUST ME, Toki is doing AMAZING by comparison. And YES, that includes killing a guy with his bare hands when he was pushed for what appeared to be an incredibly long time. Many PTSD sufferers (from war specifically) can be set off just by a loud sound or just by having their shoulder tapped from behind.

Pickles’ families treatment of him is less intense than the rest of the other guys’ traumas, but equally we can all agree that PIckles is probably the most well adjusted of the group, even WITH his drug/drinking problem.

So, with all of that, Dethklok would be COMPLETELY believably suffering from PTSD, a condition that will often cause ‘feelings of detachment from other people’ ‘sudden rages’ ‘violence’ ‘focusing on death’ and having problems with money. 


Lets not forget that EVERY time they appear in public, be it concerts or charity events, there is ALWAYS  massacre. 

Can you imagine, youve had a shitty life and youve met a group of people that, for the first time ver, you can actually CONNECt to, you are creating something you love and enjoy, and you get other people to love it too! You go up on stage to share your passion with other people, maybe finally *connect* with them—

Bloodbath. EVERYONE dies. All these people that came to see YOU, that come to support you, die horrific, painful deaths right before your eyes, and even if its indirectly (a fault with the wiring, a crazy guy in the crowd that started a mass panic) its still your fault that they were there in the first place.

And it happens again


Millions are dead, at your hands.

Dont you think that would cause some emotional issues?? The first therapist they ever get that starts actually helping ends up using and betraying them and even attempting to murder them before having his arms ripped off. the little girl that adored you and sang a song for you died before you could fulfill her dream. they were splashed with the blood of their new cook Jean Pierre who had just professed huge loyalty and admiration for them. he was only ON that helikopter to be close to them, after they had JUST tried to warn him away from them. They had tried so hard to love Fatty Ding dongs, tried through their broken hearts to be a father to him, and gave up sending him where they thought he would be safe and happy (Home for Wayward Kitties.. I guess they though of him as a wayward kitty too? Im not saying they are smart), they had JUST dropped him off and were flying away and he was ripped to pieces before their eyes.

How about their doubles? The men they made friends with and finally felt as though they had someone to relate to (I cant begin to tell you how many times a day i hear form a veteran “i feel like the only person i can trust is myself). After they were injured dethklok tried everything to be allowed to keep them, even suggesting burning THEMSELVES so those men would still have a job, but when they were accidentally killed at the end of the episode Dethkloks expressoin of heartbreak were… well… heartbreaking.

Dethklok, as a whole, are not well. They need HELP.

They arent ‘assholes’


dont be a dick, be a dude. 


Bowser being a dad


Bowser being a dad





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