SO i went to a rendezvous today in prairie du chien and this is what i wore! i worked on this dress for like i dunno probably a week and it’s not finished it’s SO FAR FROM BEING FINISHED but i didn’t feel like working more on it so i just hid the bad parts and pretended i looked fabulous, which i totes did

then after the rendezvous we went down to mcgregor iowa cause it’s a neat little town and there were some shops we wanted to stop at but the ones i wanted to look at were closed so we just went to some antique shops and i found this HUGE frickin red petticoat, like the biggest i’ve ever seen. i’m wearing it in the third pic like i couldn’t even get the whole thing in the mirror it’s pretty impressive tbh

anyway i got some compliments and one guy asked for my pic but i’m sure it was super terrible picture but oh well

so YEAH have some poopy pics of me tryin to be kawaii in the first full dress i ever made ever!

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